Weighted Mask

Weighted masks are a relatively recent skincare remedy which has experienced increasing popularity in recent years and is associated with a range of benefits. These masks rely on more or less the same science which lies behind weighted blankets, and the primary function is to provide comfort and relaxation to the body. Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) is a therapeutic technique which asserts that the application of gentle weight to the body can encourage improvements in mood and the alleviation of anxiety.


As with a non-weighted eye mask, the most obvious benefit of weighted masks is the way in which they block out most of the light which is reaching your eyes. Our sleeping and waking cycles are influenced by our circadian rhythm, which in turn takes cues on whether it is night or day from the amount of light which is reaching our eyes. This is why it’s so important to limit exposure to light when it is time to sleep. A mask thus encourages the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, which can only be produced in either dim-lighting or darkness.


A weighted mask in particular,  can and drastically improve sleep quality. The hectic pace and constant stimulation during our waking hours can sometimes mean it’s difficult to unwind and relax enough in order to enjoy a fulfilling nights sleep. As well as stopping any visual interruptions, the gentle pressure of the weighted mask boosts the body’s production of calming hormones, as well as inducing feelings of positivity and tranquillity.


Many of the benefits of a weighted eye mask arise from the psychological and physical responses it encourages, and the beauty of this remedy lies in the fact that it offers relief for a range of grievances with such simplicity of use. These masks therefore improve sleep quality and mood in multiple ways:


   . Darkness signals to the body it is time to sleep, thus ensuring less disturbances at night

   . They induce an acupressure like affect which allows relaxation

   . The sense of grounding the weight provides calms nerves and reduces anxiety.

   . The relaxation and light reduction may relieve headaches and migraines

   . Pressure stimulation for the relief of muscle tension


Not only this, but when the quality of sleep is improved, then there are a variety of secondary health benefits which arise. Insomnia and other sleeping difficulties are becoming increasingly prevalent and problematic due to the way we live our lifestyle, with lengthy amounts of screen time and irregular sleeping and waking patterns. And everyone has experienced the irritability, reduced performance and exhaustion which arises after a bad night’s sleep.


A weighted eye mask provides a simple and effective measure of improving sleep quality. Following a good night’s sleep, cognitive abilities such as reaction times, concentration capability, as well as mood all see noticeable improvements in performance. The pressure of the mask induces sensation of calmness and tranquillity which makes it easier to fall asleep and also maintain it.


Not only that, but having a sufficient amount of sleep every night is essential for healthy, vibrant skin and a youthful complexion. Much of the body’s healing and maintenance processes occur in a state of sleeping, and thus the healing properties of a weighted mask enhance the body’s own natural healing mechanisms and ensure the ultimate healing experience.


Alongside the facial massage techniques such as the Gua Sha or a jade roller, this beautiful rose-quartz weighted eye mask will unlock, enhance and magnify the potential of your skin’s ability to rejuvenate and reinvigorate itself for a radiant and glowing complexion.