Jade Roller

The anti-aging benefits of facial massages have long been known as one of the effective means by which to boost a youthful complexion and radiant skin. As with any muscle within the body, facial muscles also require exercise and movement in order to be at their healthiest and support your skin as much as possible. The evidence is pretty much in agreement on the fact that facial massages are a must to incorporate into your beauty routine, and with this beautiful rose quartz jade roller it has never been easier.


As with the Gua Sha tool, this rose quartz roller is a traditional Chinese beauty treatment that is centuries old, and is said to have been a particular favorite amongst royalty. These delicate hand-held wands are made of a soothing crystal to massage the face, neck and under the eyes, and as it revitalizes and invigorates your skin this technique promises to become an essential part of your skincare ritual.


There are a multitude of ways in which the jade roller does wonders for your skin, and perhaps explains why this ancient beauty technique has seen such a popular comeback amongst beauty influencers and skincare enthusiasts.


The beauty in the way this roller works is that there are no harsh chemicals or drying or irritating products involved. The magic lies in the smoothness of the rose quartz crystal as it gently glides across your skin and really works to address the core, underlying issues behind your skin grievances. Here are just some of the reasons why this traditional remedy is just what you are searching for:


   . Lymphatic drainage

   . Stimulating circulation

   . Relaxing facial muscles

   . Lifting and tightening the skin

   . Soothe inflammation


Not only this, but a facial massage is known to be a stress reliever, and provide almost instant relief from accumulated tension. The daily ritual of this tranquil and peaceful process also helps with stress, as you take a few minutes from each day to gently message and sculpt your face. Through boosting lymphatic drainage, a jade roller can boost and enhance the skin’s natural detoxification process. This will also draw away toxins and enhance the gentle toning effect.


Rose quartz is known for its natural cooling sensation, and this will be particularly effective for areas which are naturally prone to becoming puffy or red, such as under the eyes and around the mouth and nose, whilst also improving circulation and encouraging the muscles to relax. It’s little wonder that the jade roller is being heralded as an innovative and relatively simple remedy to include in your beauty regime.


For an effective and cooling affect, leave your rose quartz facial roller in the fridge overnight or for a couple of hours. For optimum results and immediate relief, it is best to begin the massage on cleansed skin, before the application of any skincare or cosmetic products. For the alleviation of any friction or an even further relieving affect, just apply a few drops of oil before massage, and then wash any excess from the roller when the massage is complete.


With a jade roller, start by gently rolling on the lower part of the face and work upwards from your chin, applying a comfortable amount of pressure. Roll upwards and downwards, as well as towards the sides of your face, working around your natural facial contours. Remember to massage the neck as well!


The gentleness of this soothing beauty remedy means that it can be incorporated into your daily routine, and through continued use you can reap the benefits of this traditional technique again and again. This facial massage will encourage drainage through the lymphatic system’s natural detoxification process. And with improved circulation and blood flow, you will notice your skin become brighter and gain a beautiful and radiant glow.