Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an alternative treatment originated from ancient China which involves a facial massage with crystal stones. However, this traditional and holistic tradition has seen a revival in the last few years as people are increasingly becoming aware of its potential as an amazingly simple and effective way of reinvigorating the delicate tissues and muscles of your facial skin.

Using the Gua Sha as a facial treatment promises a vast range of benefits for your skin. Sometimes the hectic pace of our lives can result in tensions that we unconsciously hold onto to, and without realising we may be placing considerable stress on our facial muscles and tissues by clenching our jaw or constantly furrowing our brow.

A facial Gua Sha massage is a massage technique which is basically designed to undo such effects through a number of ways:

   . Encouraging facial muscles to relax

   . Increase blood flow and better circulation

   . Sculpting and lifting the face for a smoother and tighter appearance

   . Promoting lymphatic drainage

   . Relief for headaches and neck pain


Those who have used this ancient facial treatment have testified to it’s immediate lifting and tightening effect on the skin, as well as the way in which it can be used to prevent or treat sagging skin, dark circles and uneven pigmentation.

Another major part of the appeal of the Gua Sha massage is the simplicity of use. Gua Sha is most effective on clean skin that has been primed with either a moisturiser, serum or oil of some kind – whichever one suits your skin’s individual needs is perfect!

Position the Gua Sha tool as close to your skin as possible to ensure as smooth a performance as possible, and apply the gentlest of pressures as you sweep the tool out towards the perimeter of your face. Before lifting off from the skin, take an extra moment to massage the tool at the edges of your face, where there tends to be a high concentration of ligaments and muscles, to release even more tension. Ensure that you focus specifically on areas which are prone to becoming puffy and dry, such as under the eyes and around the mouth.

The cooling touch of the smooth quartz crystal against your skin will bring relief even before you begin the massage. Frequent use of this rose quartz Gua Sha will ensure that you are reaping all the rewards and benefits from this traditional method, a small session a couple of times a week will be sufficient for you to observe noticeable changes in the texture and feeling of your skin.

There’s little doubt, after looking at all of the points mentioned above, why more and more people are incorporating this facial massage technique into their beauty and skincare routines. Gua Sha delves into the root cause of any stress-induced muscle tension or skin difficulties you may be experiencing, and this invigorating crystal will give your skin a healthy vitality and glow. The delicate pink tones of the rose quartz Gua Sha gives it a calming aesthetic which will only enhance the tranquillity of your self-care home sessions as you massage and sculpt with this amazing and versatile tool.