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Glo That Lasts a Lifetime

Approved by Asian Moms, Promoted by Aestheticians

We asked 1,000 Asian moms about their secret to youthful skin. 

Survey revealed that facial massaging and skin cooling—techniques that have been passed generations after generations—are essential rituals in preventing the signs of skin aging.

We trust in history and testimony.

And so we created Glojade -an instrument in bringing out your beauty, naturally

One-Time Investment for a Lifetime of Glo

Each piece is delicately made with finest natural materials, offering you beauty tools that are created to last a lifetime.

But in case it breaks, we guarantee you a brand new piece sent right to your doorstep within 30 days.

Luxury at Home

Experience the benefits of a facial treatment whenever you feel the need to, right within the comforts of your home

A Self-Care Ritual That Cares for Others

For the community

All products are beautifully handmade by rural craftsmen in China. Each packaging is handwoven by hardworking artisan women in Vietnam.

For the environment

Every piece is made to last a lifetime. By investing in a Glojade beauty tool, you not only think about yourself but most importantly the environment.

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