Glojade was born to bring back the basics.


The beauty industry is saturated with thousands of different products here and there, jumping on one trend after another. It’s hard to decipher what really works and what’s worth having. We see through this challenge and we aim to cut through the clutter.


We trust beauty techniques that have proven to stand the test of time.


We asked 1,000 Asian moms about their secret to young-looking skin. Survey revealed that facial massaging and skin cooling—techniques that have been passed generations after generations—have been essential rituals in preventing the signs of skin aging. And we trust in history and testimony.

Glojade was developed as an instrument in bringing out beauty, naturally. 

Using only the finest natural materials, we offer you beauty tools that are created to last a lifetime. All products are beautifully handmade by rural craftsmen in China. Each packaging is handwoven by hardworking artisan women in Vietnam.

Glojade are beauty tools made with love for self-love